Demas Azur Eloge St. Etienne

Navn: Demas Azur Eloge, St. Etienne
Løbslængde: 60cm/71cm
Trangboring: 1/2&1/1
Skæftelængde: 37,5 cm
Vægt: 3,6 & 3,2 kg
Model: Side-by-side double rifle, with separate set of 20 bore barrels
Kaliber: 8x57r and 20/76
Pris: 89.000kr kroner


Hand-built lightweight side-by-side double rifle of extremely high quality, built to order in 2009.
Demas patent lock system with 6 locking lugs. Boxlocks with side plates. Automatic ejectors.
60 cm (24″) rifle barrels.
Highly figured pistol grip stock with cheek pad.
Double trigger. Trigger guard with extended strap, steel pistol grip cap, skeleton butplate guard. Extended rear sight ramp.
Profusely engraved on all metal work with game scenes and acanthus scrolls.
Hand detachable scope mounts, mounted with Zeiss Diavari ZA 1.5-6×42. Separate detachable Aimpoint Micro H1 red dot sight that fits rear scope mount. ​
Separate set of 20 bore shotgun barrels with matching fore end. 71 cm (28½”) barrels, 76 mm (3″) chambers.
Leather case.
Little used.