Holland & Holland London. Pair Of Royal Brevis

Navn: Holland & Holland London. Pair Of Royal Brevis
Løbslængde: 67,5cm
Trangboring: ​imp.cyl &1/4
Skæftelængde: 37,5cm
Vægt: 2,7 kg
Model: 16 bore, self-opening, SLE guns
Kaliber: 16/70
Pris: 259.000kr kroner


Hand detachable sidelocks. Ejectors. H&H patent self-opening system.
Matched pair: Gun No. 33244 built in 1936; Gun No. 36754 built to match the No. 1 gun in 1964.
Toplevers and ribs gold numbered 1 & 2. Gold inlaid cocking indicators. Double triggers. H&H style acanthus scroll engraving.
26½” (67,5 cm) barrels, impr. cyl. & ¼ borings. 2½” (67 mm) chamber. Barrel walls thickness >22/1000 & >25/1000 resp.
Highly figured straight hand stocks, 14½” (37,5 cm) pull.
Weight of each gun: 2.7 kg.
Near new, original H&H double leather case with accessories and outer canvass cover.
Extremely rare pair of medium bore lightweight guns of very high quality. ‘Royal Brevis’ is Holland & Holland’s top model with 26½” barrels. The 16 bore is perfectly balanced for 28 g. shot loads.
H&H’s self opening system operates with a coil spring mounted below the chambers. The spring is automatically cocked when the gun is opened. This makes it faster and easier to close the gun than with Purdey’s self-opening system.