P.Timpini Armi Gardone

Navn: J. ​P. Timpini Armi Gardone
Løbslængde: 71
Trangboring: 3/4&3/4
Skæftelængde: 39 cm
Vægt: 2,85 kg
Model: Side-by-side, 20 bore, sidelock ejector
Kaliber: 20/70
Pris: 42000 kroner


Side-by-side, 20 bore, sidelock ejector. Build 1952
Double trigger
28” (71cm) barrels, ¾ / ¾ borings.
2 ¾ “(70 mm) chambers.
Deep engravings of scrolls, flowers and flowing ribbons.
Engraved toplever with inlaid golden crown.
Straight hand stock, 15” (39 cm) pull, incl. (new) 15 mm leather covered recoil pad.
Can be supplied in a new brassbound leather case of high quality.

Pris kuffert 3500kr